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High Performance Multistage Three Phase EMI Power Line Filter

High Performance Multistage Three Phase EMI Power Line Filter

High Performance Power Line Filter

Three Phase EMI Power Line Filter

Multistage EMI Power Line Filter

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EMI Power Line Filter
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Product Description:

This product is designed for a rated current of 1A to 800A and a rated voltage of 380V/440VAC. It operates within a temperature range of 40°C and at a frequency of 50/60HZ. The line-to-line withstand voltage is 1450VDC, while the line-to-ground withstand voltage is 2250VDC or 2000VAC. The product is certified with ISO9001, CE, and ROHS. The minimum order quantity is 50 pieces, and the goods can be shipped through the port of Shenzhen.

For further details or purchasing inquiries, please feel free to contact the YBX brand for additional support and services.


High Performance Multistage Three Phase EMI Power Line Filter 0

Item EMI EMC filter
Transfer Function Low pass
Package Type

Surface Mount

Nominal Center Frequency 10K-30MHZ
Rated Voltage 380V/440V
Rated Current 1~10A






  • Voltage interference prevention: Effectively mitigates voltage interference to ensure stable power supply.
  • Industry-standard EMC solution for three-phase PDS filtering: Complies with industry standards for electromagnetic compatibility, providing reliable filtering for three-phase power distribution systems.
  • Customizable products according to customer requirements: Offers flexibility in product customization to meet specific needs and specifications.Typical Applications:

​Typical Applications:


  • Photovoltaic systems and industrial applications: Suitable for use in solar energy systems and various industrial settings requiring clean power supply.
  • Three-phase motor drives: Ideal for powering three-phase motor drives in machinery and equipment.
  • Power conversion equipment (inverters, converters): Compatible with energy conversion devices such as inverters and converters used in various applications.
  • Industrial automation equipment: Well-suited for powering industrial automation equipment to ensure smooth operation and minimal interference.



  • Certifications: Fully certified with UL, cUL, TUV, CQC, ENEC, CB, CE, ROHS, and REACH standards.
  • Automation: Large-scale production capability ensures superior cost performance.
  • Fast Delivery: Efficient communication and attentive service guarantee prompt delivery.
  • Warranty: Three months of free exchange, six years of free repair, and lifetime maintenance.
  • Free Samples: Receive free technical support for EMC rectification and test samples.
  • Free Testing: Access professional test equipment for conduction/surge/EFT mapping tests at no cost.
  • Customization: Our professional R&D team offers customized solutions tailored to specific demands.




  1. What is an EMI power filter?

A: An EMI power filter is a component used to mitigate electromagnetic interference (EMI) and reduce disturbances in a power line. Typically constructed with inductors and capacitors, these filters are collectively known as passive EMI power filters.

  1. Why do we need EMI filters?

A: Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) is crucial for assessing the quality of electronic products. Incorporating EMC design in power systems enhances overall anti-interference capabilities, extends system lifespan, and ensures safe operation. EMI filters play a vital role in achieving good electromagnetic compatibility.

  1. Where should I place my EMI filter?

A: A power line or mains EMI filter should be positioned at the power entry point of the equipment it is installed in, preventing noise from exiting or entering the equipment. Essentially, an EMI filter comprises capacitors and inductors.

  1. How does an EMI filter work?

A: EMI, or Electro-Magnetic Interference, refers to unwanted electrical signals that can be conducted or radiated emissions. Capacitors offer a low-impedance path to redirect high-frequency noise away from the filter's input, either back into the power supply or into the ground connection.

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